HOU Yingchao (IN/SP)

Vaillante Angers Tennis de Table

In 2018, Hou registered with Table Tennis Canada and played in the ITTF World Tour under Canada's flag. He did so to continue playing in ITTF tournaments, without having acquired Canadian nationality or giving up his Chinese nationality. Indeed, a year later he played in the 2019 All China Table Tennis Championships, and by beating Wang Chuqin 4–0 in the final, he became the tournament's oldest ever champion. He first won the tournament in 2000.


nation China
birth date 15 June 1980
place of birth Beijing, China
height 185 cm
blade DHS Hurricane 08B ST
forehand rubber Dianchi D 39 2.1
backhand rubber TSP Spectol 35 1.3
recent world ranking
best world ranking 10 (January 2007)

National Games 2021

All China TT Championships 2019

Hou Yingchao made the crowd excited